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Bond, Adhere, Seal, or Stick

Adhezion is your one-stop solution for adhesives, coatings, tapes and any engineered compound you need to bond, adhere, seal or stick.

Adhezion, formerly the Tier automotive adhesives business of EFTEC North America, is a leading adhesives and coatings company focused on the automotive, transportation, defense, specialty vehicle and marine industries. The Adhezion team has been developing and supplying innovative adhesive solutions for more than a decade, and its cross-platform experience spanning industrial, automotive and packaged goods applications, coupled with its expertise in solving complex challenges, makes it a leading choice for manufacturers and their supply chain partners.

Adhezion leverages its technical expertise and supply agreements with global product leaders and chemical and compound specialists to bring technology-driven solutions for every major system of a vehicle – interior, exterior, structural, acoustic, electronics, thermal management, body and powertrain.